A different kind of mid-market corporate advisory and capital markets communications firm, based out of Toronto.

The need

Corporate management has its hands full executing its business plan in an increasingly competitive world. It needs a capable partner to advocate on its behalf and realize value from the street for its efforts. Traditional IR firms largely lack industry knowledge, adopt a superficial approach, lack credibility with buy side and have been ineffective.

The solution

How we do it - We are an extension arm of management

Our services

  1. Street Advocacy

    • develops deep understanding of the corporate story, helps sharpen it further for an easier sell
    • advocates company execution and prospects to capital markets and stakeholders to attract long term institutional investors and sell side equity analysts
    • enhancing access to capital markets, increasing liquidity of the stock and creating shareholder value through higher market valuation
    • polishing corporate presentation, maximizing road show impact, structuring conference calls, messaging and influencing analysts; enhancing coverage, liquidity and institutional following; organizing roadshows, investor days, conference participations, TV appearances, media coverage; handling institutions, analysts and their needs to optimize corporate profile
  2. Corporate and business development – Identifying areas of opportunity and inorganic growth, due diligence for potential acquisition targets, developing presentations and initiatives to effectively communicate corporate story to the markets

  3. Corporate advisory – Enhances execution by identifying key challenges and developing solutions in business strategy, channel/partners development, profitability and operations enhancement and competitive positioning